The way the Toplist works:

After your account is registered, you will receive an email containing HTML code that you put on your website. The code will display a 88 x 31 pixel button link that goes to the toplist. If you are ranked in the top 5, it will display round rank # on the button automatically! You can see a sample of this button in action at the very bottom of this page. It says "Street Fighter Topsites" on it, with a red, white and blue brass knuckle design.

The more times this button is shown on your website, the higher your site is ranked on our toplist. The higher you are ranked, the closer to the top your site is displayed, and the more exposure / traffic you will get from it.

The basic deal:
you place an 88x31 pixel image on your site, and we place a 468x60 full size banner that can even be animated on our site. Plus, viewers can rate and review your website, letting the streetfighter community know about your great products and services.

Since all sites are manually verified by the webmaster of the site, this will remain an extremely high quality toplist, with only American based streetfighter websites.

We are aggressively promoting this toplist, and any websites that are listed on it will see big improvements in search engine listings and traffic over time.

Keep in mind, we are getting nothing from this, there is no catch, and you will never have to pay anything. It is just another way we felt we could help out the American streetfighter community. However, in order for your site to stay listed high, you do need to place that little button image on your site. The more pages of your site it's on, the higher your site will rank on the list. If you do not want to add the button to your site, you will not rank very high on the toplist, and therefore will not see much additional traffic coming from the toplist, however you will still see improvements in search engine ranking due to having a link on a high PR, quality website of related content.

If you need help adding the HTML code to your website, or if you have questions about anything, please contact us at:

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